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  • Cassandra Mckissick

San Francisco Zoom Wedding

There's nothing I can say about 2020 that hasn't been said already.... But it was rough. Especially for those that were planning a wedding. Allison and Jason decided they didn't want to wait until covid cleared to seal the deal. (I don't blame them!) So they decided to have a small, intimate wedding with just them, me, their best friend/officiant and their dog Rufus, while all their friends and family watched via zoom. I always feel so lucky to be a part of small weddings like this. I think they might just be my favorite.

I met with Allison and Jason a week or so before the wedding so that we could plan out where everything should go for the wedding to achieve the best light for me as well as their zoom guests. They showed me their lovely apartment in the Marina District of San Francisco. The rooftop views were spectacular and you could see the Golden Gate Bridge right outside their door. So incredible! I really do love San Francisco. I will absolutely never forget photographing this wedding in the middle of a pandemic. Enjoy!


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