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 About me

I've pretty much always grown up with a camera in my hand. My parents are both photographers by profession, so their studio was my playground. When I was 13 they let me shadow them on photoshoots and help out for some extra spending money. I soon grew to love it and knew I had found my call in life.


Blessed to find my career at such an early age, I strived to become the best in my field. So by now after 14+ years of hard work I have received many awards and different forms of recognition over the years. I received a photojournalist scholarship to UVU, First place in a National Tamron photo contest and have been featured on ABC Global new and NBC national news.


In 2012 another love came into my life, my husband, Ross and in 2013 we were married in the San Diego LDS temple. Ross is often lost when it comes to my photography lingo... but he makes a great assistant on photo shoots when I need him and he puts up with me taking endless amounts of pictures... all the time. I am definitely one lucky girl. We have two children, a boy and a girl. It's crazy and wonderful and I never knew I could love so much!


I've been praised for connecting well with my clients and I credit that to my age.. I have the photography knowledge and professionalism of someone much older, but I am young and I am with the styles. There is nothing more rewarding than taking a portrait that I know will be cherished throughout the years!


Cassandra McKissick

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